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Souvenir Essentials: Top 7 Must-Have Souvenirs for the 2024 Summer Season

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Soon the winter season will be winding down and the promise of summer sun is just around the corner. Visitors will travel for miles to visit popular tourist destinations. For gift shops and tourist attractions, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your giftware and souvenir offerings, ensuring visitors leave with, not only cherished memories, but unique keepsakes of their experience. 

From magnets to keyrings, impulse buys to pocket money pickups, here are 7 souvenir essentials for the 2024 season.



Embroidered ‘Iron-On’ Badges


Dating back thousands of years, early embroidered badges had a diverse range of uses, from embellishing clothing to denoting tribal status and celebrating great achievements. For example, in ancient Egypt, embroidered symbols denoted the social status of individuals.

The modern use of embroidered badges can be traced back to military history where they were used to identify military units and ranks. The NASA "Meatball" and "Worm" logos, arguably the two most famous examples, symbolised humanity's achievements in space flight, while sports teams started using badges to display their logos and achievements on jerseys.

Embroidered badges have surpassed their military beginnings to become versatile accessories that can serve a variety of uses. Embroidered badges are commonly used for brand promotion, expressing personal beliefs, and gifting.

As we know them, these small pieces of material are proof of the enduring appeal of this textile art form. From their humble origins in ancient civilizations to their prominent role in modern society, embroidered badges have stood the test of time.




Keyrings are more than just functional accessories; they serve as a subtle and cost-effective way to convey personal interests and affiliations. Lightweight and affordable, they strike a balance between utility and sentimentality.

The history of keyrings traces back to Ancient Egypt when small charms, now repurposed as keyrings, were once utilised as protective amulets during mummification. Throughout history, people have carried trinkets and talismans, and keyrings continue this tradition.

Keyrings come in various materials, ranging from metals to plastics and eco-friendly options. This diversity reflects modern choices and preferences. As souvenirs, keyrings stand out for their portability and ability to encapsulate experiences. Whether made from local materials or inspired by cultural motifs, they serve as tangible reminders of adventures and experiences, making them ideal keepsakes for travellers and collectors.


Fridge Magnets


Fridge magnets offer an extensive range of choices, available in various materials and designs to suit every taste. From metal and resin magnets showcasing famous attractions and sculptures of landmarks, to the hand-crafted details of wood magnets. There’s a souvenir magnet suitable for any attraction or retail space. 

Did you know?  

A person who collects fridge magnets is known as a memomagnetist, and Louise Greenfard from Las Vegas is believed to have the largest collection of fridge magnets in the world. She has been collecting since the early 1970’s and has amassed 35,000 non-duplicated designs.

Initially, plastic number and letter magnets were used as teaching aids before migrating into an advertising tool. They then evolved into decorative souvenirs and devices for pinning important messages and photos to the fridge. Today’s fridge magnets are made from various materials, the most popular being three-dimensional resin which are individually hand painted to create a unique piece of art.

Not only do they individualise a home but they provide an uplift for travellers to remember their trip long after they return. They are durable, portable, great value for money and can also be used as gifts for family and friends. In a nutshell an essential souvenir.


Metal Pin Badges


Metal pin badges or lapel pins are a great way of communicating your interests and allegiances to the world.  They are small, lightweight and inexpensive, and they get your message across more subtly and stylishly than a t-shirt. 

These badges are traditionally made with the cloisonne technique which was originally used to make jewellery.  Coloured gemstones or glass were held in place within the design by gold strips.  Later gemstones were replaced by coloured enamel, poured into the compartments (cloisons in French) and fired in a kiln.  The gold strips or separators were replaced by cheaper metals such as brass or nickel.  

Modern materials and techniques have made the metal pin badge a highly desirable collectors’ item, with collectors’ clubs around the world.  Lapel pins are made for the military, sports teams, rock bands, corporations, charities, and anyone with a message to promote.  Some badge designs are extremely rare and sought-after: selling at auction for up to £5000 – a price that harks back to the pin badge’s origins as a valuable piece of jewellery.


Playing Cards


Bring a playful element to your souvenir collection with custom-designed playing cards. Whether featuring local landmarks, vibrant artwork, or themed graphics, these cards provide a unique and entertaining way for visitors to remember their time at your attraction. It's a deck of memories waiting to be shuffled and dealt.

Did you know?

If you count up the numerical value of a whole pack of cards – 11 for a jack, 12 for a queen and 13 for a king – you reach 364, and with the addition of the one joker makes 365, the number of days in the year.


Shot Glasses


Raise a toast to unforgettable moments with our themed shot glasses. Adorned with eye-catching designs that capture the essence of your destination, these glasses make for both functional and decorative souvenirs. Give visitors the chance to relive their experiences as they enjoy a sip of their favourite beverages.

Shot glasses, those pocket-sized vessels of delight, aren't just about their compact allure. Fun fact: The term "shot" hails from the Old West, where a drink worth a shot of gunpowder was served in these small glasses. Today, they come in myriad shapes and sizes, with collectible designs as diverse as their charm. From whimsical souvenir shots to crystal minis, these little companions turn any drink into a celebration and transform every evening into a shot-sized adventure. Here's to the tiny stars of the party!


Pewter Keyring & Magnet Package

(MOQ 250 of Each)


Magnets and keyrings are super popular for their practicality and versatility. Both products offer a customisable and often aesthetically pleasing way for customers to express their personal style, making them not only useful but also enjoyable accessories in daily life. 

But what is pewter? Pewter is essentially an alloy comprised mainly of tin and copper, with additional variations. This alloy undergoes a process of melting and casting into moulds to create products that bear a striking resemblance to silver. With its origins dating back to ancient Egypt and being commonly used during the Roman era, pewter stands as one of the oldest casting metals. The 16th and 17th centuries marked the Golden Age of pewter, becoming the primary material for crafting tableware across Europe.

Nowadays, pewter is primarily used in the creation of jewellery and decorative items. Its advantages include durability, a silver-like shine, and its resistance to tarnishing over time, making it an ideal material for crafting magnets and keyrings.



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